Acorn Growth plc is an established company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.

Acorn Growth plc was admitted to the Standard List of the LSE in October 2012, the Directors of the Company intend to pursue investment opportunities in the mining, minerals, energy and real estate sectors, with consideration given to both conventional and alternative energy projects as well as mining, energy infrastructure and real estate projects.

It is envisaged that the company or project acquired for the acquisition will have an enterprise value up to £50 million.

Following completion of the acquisition, the Company’s business model will be to run the acquired company or project, making any necessary operational or structural changes in order to generate value for shareholders over the medium term.

The Company initially intends to acquire one company or project only but will review on an ongoing basis whether it is in the interests of the company or project acquired to pursue any add-on acquisitions or projects.



It has come to the attention of the Directors of Acorn Growth plc that certain unauthorised individuals are offering employment with Acorn. The applicant is asked to pay a visa application fee. Please be advised that this is NOT the actions of Acorn Growth nor anyone associated with the company nor in any way authorised by the company. Acorn Growth is NOT seeking to employ anyone at present.

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"Our focus is strategic investments in the mining, minerals, energy and real estate sectors."